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Fume cupboard maintenance

PN Engineering Ltd. offers all customers a maintenance contract, ensuring that their fume cupboards are automatically tested at agreed intervals.

An annual test of the fume cupboard:

• prolongs the life span of the product.
• Ensures the correct protection of the employees
• Ensures safety requirements.

The safety and performance requirements for fume cupboards are regulated by the EU and nationally enforced by the Danish Working Environment Authority. The EU Regulative DS/EN 14175 defines the requirements for fume cupboards, ventilation automation and documentation. 

Fume cupboards should be tested annually in order to ensure the correct performance of all functions. Mechanical parts, such as wires and safety stops and safety features are tested. Also tests are performed to ensure the required levels of ventilation are maintained in order to make the fume cupboard a safe working environment. A check of every safety feature of the fume cupboard is included in the annual test.

It is recommended that fume cupboards are tested annually regardless of age. A complete fume cupboard inspection includes an on-site test/ tracergas measurement at no extra cost. This test also includes the mechanical and functional parts of the fume cupboard to prevent any sudden and inconvenient interruption or safety risks.
Continuous maintenance extends the life span of the product, so it will always be profitable to have the work place inspected regularly.

PN Engineering Ltd. employs highly qualified technicians who can service, test and calibrate all approved brands of fume cupboards and their automation that are on the market.